Undiagnosed medical abnormality costs company an exceptional employee

Earlier this year I started working a temp job with a local company as a Sales Support Associate. That’s just a fancy title for data entry as I assisted electrical engineers with awarding projects and assigning tasks. I also assisted the CFO and accounting department with accounts receivables, and finally, I helped with entering contacts…

JM Eekhoff Salmon in Parchment


I originally found this recipe over at AllRecipes.com. After trying it once, I discovered the changes I wanted to make to the recipe. The original recipe is shared below, along with notes at the end of the changes I made. Hope you enjoy!

JM Eekhoff Salisbury Steaks, Mashed Potatoes, Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms


This recipe is perfect for the slow cooker. Simple and goes together quickly. Everyone in your household is sure to love it! 

JM Eekhoff Tarragon Chicken and Asparagus


Enjoy the savory flavors of tarragon, chives and butter with chicken and asparagus. Quick and easy to make.



This dip is awesome! Serve with tortilla chips, toast, or even those amazing little Melbourne chips. So simple to make and so satisfying (and addicting!) to eat. Reduce fat by using low-fat or fat-free ingredients.

Travel Bucket List

1. Walt Disney World My number one vacation location is Walt Disney World in Florida. My dad took the family down for the first time in 1979 and I have been a Disney addict since! I’ve been there numerous times and the last time I was there dates back to December 1987. Jeff has never…