July 29, 2018

Travel Bucket List

Eekhoff's Travel Bucket List - Top 10 1. Walt Disney World

My number one vacation location is Walt Disney World in Florida. My dad took the family down for the first time in 1979 and I have been a Disney addict since!

I’ve been there numerous times and the last time I was there dates back to December 1987. Jeff has never been to the Florida location but he has been to Disneyland in California.

I cannot wait until we can experience 7-14 days having fun in the sun and hanging out with the Mouse!



Eekhoffs - Blarney Castle, Ireland2. The Emerald Isle

Jeff and I have both been tracing our ancestral roots. He just started about a month ago and I’ve been tracing my heritage off and on for the past 18-20 years.

I have done the Ancestry DNA and know that my family line is 38% Scandinavian, 22% Great Britain, 16% Western European, 12% Ireland, Scotland, Wales, 5% Eastern European, 4% Southern European, 3% Iberian Peninsula.

Our ultimate dream vacation is to tour the regions of our heritage. But for now we’ll start with Ireland.



Eekhoffs - Romania, Transylvania

3. Romania, Transylvania

I’ve always been drawn to this region, though I’m not sure why. Perhaps its the legends of Dracula, the superstitions, the beautiful castles, the rich history, who knows? 

I just know that it’d be pretty incredible to visit this country!



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