July 29, 2018

Travel Bucket List


Eekhoff's Travel Bucket List - Top 10 1. Walt Disney World – My number one vacation location is Walt Disney World in Florida. My dad took the family down for the first time in 1979 and I have been a Disney addict since!

I’ve been there numerous times and the last time I was there dates back to December 1987. Jeff has never been to the Florida location but he has been to Disneyland in California.

I cannot wait until we can experience 7-14 days having fun in the sun and hanging out with the Mouse!

Our trip down will serve as both a very much needed vacation and also as our honeymoon as we’ve never been able to take one and we’ll be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary on November 11th!



Eekhoffs - Blarney Castle, Ireland2. The Emerald Isle – Jeff and I have both been tracing our ancestral roots. He just started about a month ago and I’ve been tracing my heritage off and on for the past 18-20 years.

I have done the Ancestry DNA and know that my family line is 38% Scandinavian, 22% Great Britain, 16% Western European, 12% Ireland, Scotland, Wales, 5% Eastern European, 4% Southern European, 3% Iberian Peninsula.

Our ultimate dream vacation is to tour the regions of our heritage. But for now we’ll start with Ireland.



Eekhoffs - Romania, Transylvania

3. Romania, Transylvania



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